What are the requirements for one to apply?

Original and copy of your national identity card or valid passport and a completed Nakumatt Global Card registration form.

Do I have to be a Diamond Trust Bank (DTB) or Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) Customer?

No, you do not have to be a DTB or KCB account holder to qualify for a Nakumatt Global card. Everyone above the age of 18 years is eligible.

Loyalty Points transfer

The points in your current Nakumatt Smart Card will be transferred to your new Nakumatt Global Card automatically.

How do I use the card?

The card can be swiped for payments at all Nakumatt outlets and at MasterCard merchant outlets worldwide.
It can also be swiped to earn loyalty points at Nakumatt outlets across the region. You earn extra points at Nakumatt when you use it as a payment card.
You will receive a personal identification number (PIN). This number is used to access your account at automated teller machines (ATMs). It is a secret number that should be known to the cardholder only. Do NOT reveal it to anyone else.
When carrying out transactions at retail outlets, you will be required to sign your point of sale (POS) slip and/or enter your PIN in the POS terminal.

How do I load funds to the card?

The card can be loaded with cash at any Nakumatt outlet and at any DTB/KCB branch countrywide.

How do I manage my account?

The card has a Financial Management portal where you can manage your account. You can view your account balance, card statements, transfer funds to different multicurrency wallets, etc. your card also has an online management portal for your loyalty points.

Can I make online purchases?

Yes, the card can also be used to make online purchases where you will be asked for card details as follows:

  1. Name: Enter name as it appears on the Nakumatt Global registration form.
  2. Card Number: As it appears on the front of the card
  3. Expiry date: As it appears on the front of the card CVC2
  4. Number or secret code: The three digits at the back of the card adjacent to the signature panel.

How much am I allowed to use?

As long as there are funds available in your card you can withdraw and spend up to the ATM and point of sale limits set by the bank.

Do retail outlets charge me for using the card?

No, they should not charge you anything extra other than the transaction amount. In case of surcharge, contact Nakumatt Global on +254-730-123456

What do I do if I have a dispute with a transaction on my statement?

Ensure to report any dispute to Nakumatt Global on the telephone number +254-730-123456 or email info@nakumattglobal.com immediately you review your card statement.

How secure is the card?

In the unfortunate event that your card is lost, stolen or misplaced, report the incident as soon as possible by calling Nakumatt customer care: +254-730-123456.

Will in incur any debt?

Nakumatt Global Card is a prepaid card. You get to enjoy the convenience of using a card without ever running into the risk of going into debt. Simply load and swipe.

What if I lose my card?

In case of loss of card, kindly contact Nakumatt Global customer service immediately on +254-730-123456, email info@nakumattglobal.com or the nearest Nakumatt outlet, or either KCB or DTB Branches.