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With the new Nakumatt Global Card, you can use your card at competitive service fees.


New card/Re-carding:

  1. Free with a deposit Kes. 1,000/= and over on the card.
  2. A charge of Kes. 100/= without depositing any cash into the card.
  3. Replacement is free as long as your card holds a minimum of Kes. 1000/= or pay KES 100/= without cash on the card.

Cash Withdrawal:

  1. At Nakumatt tills across Kenya: KES 30/=
  2. ATM cash withdrawal at any MasterCard Branded ATM: KES 250/=

Online Charges

Your card can also be used for making transactions online where accepted. Charges are subject to the service and/or goods’ provider.

Free Services

We do not charge for:

  1. Issuance of a new card if you pre-load it with Kes. 1,000/- when signing up.
  2. Cash reloading on the card
  3. Balance enquiry
  4. Earning, accumulating and transfer of smart points between cards

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